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The Best And Most Popular House Shapes

By webino Jul28,2022

A series of the best and most popular forms of houses today are presented in the following article. Starting from Mediterranean home designs to modern minimalism. Come on, see!

Humans need a place to live that is conducive and safe.

Therefore, bringing up the architecture of the house that not only protects the occupants, but also includes the visuals and beauty of the facade of the house.

With the variety of choices currently available, sometimes we get confused when we want to build a house, right?

Well, some inspiration for these popular house forms can help you find a solution.

Mediteranian in modern house

This house design tends to be suitable if you apply it to tropical areas with hot weather.

The main element of note is the red tiled roof inspired by Spanish and Mexican architecture.

The roof itself is usually made of clay and bricks shaped like a half-tube.

The reason it was made that way is to make it easier for water to go down and air circulation to run well.

The form of this Mediterranean-style house applies plaster walls.

Its function is to make the house resistant to rain, sun exposure, and relentless hot weather.

Modern Glass House

The form of this minimalist and modern house is a very dynamic combination.

It is realized by applying a flat and low roof with a building surrounded by glass.

The main goal is not to get the intensity of lighting, but the glass material can accentuate the impression of luxury and elegance in the house.

The architectural design of the modern glass house also adapts the concept of contemporary buildings.

Garden House

Houses with green accents, aka having lots of plants attached to the walls, are currently on the market.

The expanse of grass and green plants can indirectly restore the freshness of the eyes.

Not only that, today’s modern house wall designs are so beautiful and simple.

The concept is to make the house more beautiful and protect it from direct sunlight.

Scandinavian in modern house

One of the simple but beautiful house models is Scandinavian.

By webino

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