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Fri. May 24th, 2024

Interested in using a simple and simple roof for your home? To make it easier for you to make, let’s look at the inspiration for a simple roof house in this article! Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream.

For that, before building a house, of course you need to pay attention to what elements determine comfort, especially on the roof of the house. In Indonesia itself, there are many types of roofs and the most frequently used is the dak roof.

Apart from its simple but charming appearance, concrete itself is known as one of the materials with good resistance.

Well, for those of you who are looking for an aesthetically simple roof house inspiration, let’s just look at the references in this article.

Minimalist House with Cast Concrete Roof

This residence which has a size of 6×9 m has a roof made of cast concrete. The facade almost entirely uses monochrome colors that can give a clean and minimalist impression. The use of glass windows on the terrace also gives the impression of luxury. Then, the wooden frames and black steel doors also give a dazzling elegant look. To provide lighting at night, you can add downlights on the terrace and on the roof caps to add an aesthetic and brighter impression.

Elegant Minimalist Dak Roof House

This non-concrete roof house has a facade that is gray and black so it looks luxurious. The shape of the roof is also asymmetrical so it can present its own uniqueness. Just like the previous picture, there is also a large window so that air circulation enters the house optimally.

Contemporary Concrete Dak Roof House

The choice of a dark exterior color with a combination of white for the list on the roof of this residence displays a dominant contemporary style house. The wood plank material element that is placed on the fence of this simple roof house provides a neat combination with the hollow iron on the side. Thin strokes to give a different dimension on the right side of this fence also looks aesthetic and eclectic.

Aesthetic Minimalist Dak Roof House

This aesthetic minimalist home form can enrich references when you want to build a dream dwelling. The design of the 2-story cast roof house can also be presented by the garden even though it is located on limited land. In addition, this residence also has a carport model in front of the house which is sufficient to accommodate several two-wheeled vehicles.

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