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Interested in making a toga garden at home, but confused where to start? Here is an example of a minimalist toga garden design that you can imitate! There are many ways to use vacant land at home. Besides being transformed into an ornamental garden or playground, it can also be used as a gown.However, what exactly is a toga garden?

Toga gardens are plants filled with toga (family medicinal plants), not just ornamental plants that entertain the eye. There are many types of toga that you can plant in your yard, such as ginger, temu comedy, kencur, betel leaf, basil leaves, and so on.

Instead of just entertaining the eye, a toga garden can be the right choice for those of you who want to have a garden of ingredients for cooking at home. If you are interested in making a toga garden at home, consider the following examples of toga garden designs, come on!

Minimalist Toga Garden

There are many examples of interesting toga garden designs to apply at home, one of which is a minimalist toga garden. As the name implies, this toga garden does not require a complicated arrangement or even a large area of land. You can create a minimalist toga garden simply by utilizing an empty corner in your yard. Place the medicinal plants of choice in small to large pots, then the toga garden is ready.

Narrow Land Toga Park

Today, limitations are an obstacle for most people when they want to create a garden at home. This problem can actually be overcome in various creative ways, for example by making shelves for plant pots. In this way, you don’t need to have a large area to create a toga garden.

Vertical Toga Garden

In addition to making plant pot racks, the concept of a vertical garden can also be the right choice when you want to create a toga garden. A vertical toga garden does not require a large area, just use an empty wall. In order for the plant pots to be neatly arranged, you have to make a special iron shelf as a place.

Garden Toga Pot Brick

This example of a vertical toga garden design can be an alternative for those of you who are also concerned with the visual aspect. Brick pots can give a different characteristic to the garden because it has a classic and traditional feel. However, brick pots tend to be heavier. Therefore, as in this design, you must use enough hooks to hold the weight.

Bamboo Rack Toga Garden

Bamboo shelves can be the right choice if you want to create a neatly arranged toga garden. In addition to being more organized, this bamboo plant rack design can also be applied to narrow areas.

Secondhand Toga Park

You can use used items such as used oil or mineral water packaging as family medicinal plant pots. This method can be an attractive option if you want to reduce the cost of making a toga garden. Besides not having to spend money to buy pots, you can also help reduce plastic waste.

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