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Chair Ideas For A Narrow And Minimalist Terrace

By webino Aug1,2022

Although not big, the terrace can be used as a place to entertain guests or relax at home, lo! It’s easy, you only need to save a chair for a narrow terrace!

Almost all houses in the world are equipped with a terrace area.

Generally, the terrace is used as a place to grow crops, relax, to entertain guests.

But of course, to be able to entertain guests you have to save chairs so that guests can sit comfortably in this place.

For those of you who have a small terrace and are confused about what chair to store, let’s look at various chair ideas for a narrow terrace below!

Charming Rattan Chair for Natural Style Terrace

The chair for the first narrow and minimalist terrace is an armchair made of rattan.

The rattan material looks very beautiful and is suitable for use on a natural style terrace.

Combine this chair with other natural decorations such as ornamental plants, macrame rugs, and beautiful wood motif ceramics.

If you feel that sitting on a rattan chair hurts, you can add a pillow on the chair to make sitting more comfortable.

Simple Black Chair on a Minimalist Terrace

The next terrace has a minimalist style with wooden tiled floors, white walls, and patterned accent walls.

Because the terrace area is already too crowded, you don’t need to save a flashy chair in this place.

Just keep simple dark colored furniture so that the chairs stand out without giving the impression of being tacky and overly sloppy.

Minimalist Patio Chairs to Relax in Front of the House

The idea of ​​a chair for the next minimalist narrow terrace is quite unique because of its short size.

This short rattan chair is suitable for relaxing or enjoying the sunset in front of the house.

You can combine this chair with a small table and a rattan chandelier in a matching color.

By webino

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